Monday, 23 December 2013

New Blog Location!

Hey guys!
So first off, I'd like to say how sorry I am for the lack of posts! Life is just too busy, but now I'm back with a new look blog where I will be posting from now on. 
You can find it here
I've written more on that page so would love for you to all check that post out and find out more about my my new blog, The Little Blog of Pink Stuff!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Think Pink October 2013.

October means a lot of things. Halloween, Autumn, Leaves, the start of the run up to Christmas but most importantly, October means Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Every year, around 55,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK alone. That works out as 1 person every 10 minutes and right now, somewhere in the world, someone will have just been given that life changing catastrophic news. Just under 12,000 of these people wont make it. Every year, more and more people are being diagnosed but despite this, the rate of survival is improving down to improved treatment and early detection.

This October, we are doing something about it! We may not be able to raise thousands of pounds to help, but what we can do is help raise awareness of this cause in the hopes that more people will donate or even just learn more about the horrible disease.

So, what are we going to do I hear you ask? @JosephineJakobs (Click on her name to be relocated to her twitter page,) came up with the idea that throughout the month of October, all us nail fanatics will create nail art designs in pink. We will post the images to our twitter and retweet everyones to spread awareness of the cause. I will also be posting my nail designs up on my blog, starting from October 1st and hopefully will manage a new post every day through to the 31st. If you'd like to join in then please do! Its a great cause!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Superdrug Look At Me

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts and tweets lately because I've just been so busy!! Between going back to college, day trips and a new baby in the family, it has been absolutely non-stop, but hopefully after this weekend when I will be attending my boyfriends Dad and his wifes blessing things should go back to normal!!

Recently, I was contacted by Super Drug Look At Me as they were interested in featuring my nail art as part of their new weekly blog where they search for the weeks hottest nail art. Of course, I was thrilled and straight away knew I had to say yes! I decided that I wanted to do my own blog to coincide with their post. If you want to read the post, you can find it here. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Superdrug for letting me be involved with such an amazing opportunity!

For the post, I had to choose a few of my top picks available in Superdrug for purchase. Below are my chosen products and if you click on the name of each one, it will take you to their Superdrug page for you to purchase/view.

Barry M Nail Polish
Barry M's nail polish have a huge choice of colours at affordable prices which makes them one of my favourite nail products. The bright colours are perfect for to use a base coats for your nail art and also to use with a fine brush for the smaller details.

Bourjois So Laque Nail Polish
I love these polishes! The colours are great and I love wearing my nails with them and wear them without the nail art. Beige Glamour is my all time fave colour and I've found that they are really good, long lasting varnishes!!

Barry M Nail Art Pens
After years of struggling for hours to create designs I wonder were these were all my life! You simply draw straight onto your nail as easily as on paper. They're quick drying too! Top tips if you decide to purchase these though, make sure your base coat is completely dry before you use them and use a clear top coat or your design will fade off.

Superdrug Cuticle Sticks.
Essential tool for any nail artist for pushing cuticles, picking up tiny little rhinestones and even mixing colours when doing your Ombre/Gradient nails and you can pick a pack up from Superdrug at less than a pound. Bargain

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you all that any tutorial requests are greatly accepted! 

Monday, 9 September 2013

NEW SEGMENT- Hall Of Fame!

Hey Readers, 
Once again, I have a new segment to share with you all to get you guys all more involved! Every Friday, I will choose one of you talented nail artists to feature on my blog in my Hall Of Fame for all my viewers to see! I will also link back to the weeks winners instagram/twitter/blog meaning promotion for your accounts. To enter, all you have to do is either mention me in a picture on twitter or tag #polishandheartshalloffame on your instagram picture! 
Cant wait to see what you all come up with!!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

TUTORIAL-Aztec Nails

Aztec nails are definitely one of the in things at the moment so here's my easy tutorial so you can do it yourself!

You will Need-

A base coat and top coat.
Any base colour of your choice. I went with Barry Ms Mushroom(310)
Barry Ms nail art pen, or any nail pen of your choice.

Step 1- Apply your base coat. This should be done before applying any nail varnish as it prevents staining of the nail and keeps them in better condition. 

Step 2- Apply your base colour.

Step 3- We now need to start to add our Aztec lines. I find it easier to begin with placing the horizontal lines first.

Step 4- Fill in your horizontal lines. Repeat this for each nail, altering the order slightly.

Step 5- Cover each nail in your clear top coat and voila! 

So there you have it! Super easy and effective Aztec nails! Have you tried these out? Would love to see your attempts! Tweet me a picture at @polishandhearts or tag me on Instagram with @polishandhearts ! 
Thanks for reading!

READERS VOTE- Cath Kidston Nails

Hey Readers! 
So its Sunday, which means its Week 1 of Readers Vote. You voted and you chose and here is the tutorial for your winner!
You Will Need-
A base and top coat. I'm using Barry M's All in one.
A white nail varnish.
A blue nail varnish.
A pink nail varnish.
A peach nail varnish.
A green nail art pen. (Or just a green nail varnish and a brush or cuticle stick.)
Barry M's white nail art pen.
A striping brush.
A slightly smaller but thicker brush. (As you can see in the picture.)

Step 1- After applying your base coat and allowed to dry, you need to apply your blue coat. One or two, depending on the quality of the nail varnish and your own preference.

Step 2- First we will do the stripes and flowers. I did these on my little finger, thumb and middle finger. Dip your striping brush into your white nail varnish and starting at the cuticle side, place the tip of the brush onto your nail and drag it up to the tip to create a line. Repeat this several times as required depending on the width of your nail.
Step 3- To create your flowers, we start by putting a few dots of peach nail varnish onto your nail. These can vary in size and number.

Step 4- Now we need to create the effect of petals and we do this by taking our other brush, dipping it into the pink and simply making marks over the peach as you think petals would look. You can see how  have done this in the pictures.

Step 5- The final step of this part of the design is to take your green nail art pen and create leaves. I did this by making small 'v' like shapes on the edge of the flowers.

Step 6- Now for the easy bit! Using your nail art pen, create a line of dots up the centre of your nail. Then using this line as your template, compete the rest of the dots. Each line of dots should be roughly in the centre of the line of dots before them so if you were to connect the dots, you would have a diamond shape. Once this is done, you can cover your nails in your top coat and voila! There you have it!

I will be carrying on with this segment, but from now on, the vote will go up on a monday and you will have until Friday to vote, then on Sunday, I will put up the tutorial!
Thanks once again for reading! Hope you enjoy this tutorial and once again, if anyone does attempt it, I'd love to see your results!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Readers Vote!-Week 1

Hey Readers! 
So, seen as I have so many different mani's to post tutorials for and have no idea what to do first, I have come up with a solution. Now, seen as I don't have very many followers, this week is pretty much trial and error to see how it goes! So this is how its going to work! Every week, I will post 4 pictures of different mani's and this is where you guys come in! I'm doing these tutorials for you guys so I would like you guys to vote for which tutorial you would like to see! You can tweet me with your vote, comment on my instagram picture, or use the poll gadget bellow . I will then count up the votes and the winning mani will be posted up on my blog in a step-by-step picture tutorial! If this week is a success then I will carry on and every Friday, the picture to vote for will be put up and I will try to have the tutorial up by the Sunday! 
I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading my blog! Happy Voting!!!

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